Travel with Joel


Travel with Joel

Guide price (variable): $100 per person/per day + room & board

Travel with Joel and get the full experience. Find new flavours, laugh with locals, shop the side streets, or brave the busses: when you travel with Joel, you're bound to get the full experience.

All "Travel with Joel" tours include itinerary planning and full reservation bookings.

Prices vary depending on your destination and duration of stay.

Minimum 4-day/3-night tours.

Maximum group size 3-6 (location dependent).


What's included:

  • Fully customised itinerary plan

  • Accommodation

  • Local transportation

  • Some site entrance fees and entertainment options

  • Pre-travel "one-bag" packing list

  • Over 20 years of on-the-road travel experience and know-how

  • Cultural insights and destination tips

  • ...and an unforgettable experience!

What's not included:

  • Travel visas

  • Travel insurance

  • Lunches/Dinners (except where booked alongside entertainment options)

  • Some site entrance fees

  • Tips, souvenirs and other incidentals


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