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Why have a travel plan?

Five reasons why travel planning with an expert is a good idea

Having a travel plan can increase your overall enjoyment of your time away.

Be extraordinary.

Guide books are written for the average traveller. But you don't want to be ordinary, right? You want to be extraordinary. Spend less time wading through pages of listings, and get straight to the interesting bits with a travel plan. Have logistical legwork done in advance, and you'll free up more time to make memories.

Get seasoned advice.

If you needed life-saving heart surgery and you had a choice between a recently graduated 20-something surgeon or a veteran doctor with decades of experience, which would you choose? Sure, travel isn't open-heart surgery, but gaining from the years of wisdom of others is a sure bet to enhance your time away.

Travel in style. Your style.

Big tour companies with off-the-shelf packages are sure to be cost efficient... but at the cost of your genuine appreciation of your trip. Why pay for a lengthy tour that only ticks a few boxes for you? With a good travel plan, you can eliminate stops that don't appeal, and build in more of what does. Want to skip Uncle Ali's carpet shop and instead make a repeat visit to that café for lunch? You can't do that with a big name bus tour.

Stretch your comfort zone.

What good is travel is not to help us learn and discover something new about the world? Anyone can lie by the pool for a week or prop up the hotel bar, but a true traveller is willing to engage with the destination and the people to challenge their existing mindset. Intentional planning equals potential learning.

Don't get caught out.

Be better prepared than a Boy Scout at summer camp when you have a good travel plan. Avoid pitfalls, minimise unpleasant surprises, and have alternatives at hand. Anything can (and does) happen when travelling, and a good plan can go a long way in making those events mostly positive ones.

If you're interested in creating a travel plan for your next trip, click here to see how I can help.

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